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Flyboard Melbourne is here!

New extreme sport is taking the world by storm.

The Flyboard combines the physical attributes of an array of popular sports activities including Jet Skiing, water skiing and wake boarding, skiing and snowboarding and acrobatic diving. Whilst many of these activities can take a substantial amount of time to become skilled at, the Flyboard is very intuitive: it’s like learning to walk; it holds no limits to a person’s fitness level. It will generally take 20 minutes with an instructor to find your balance and start flying freely.

Lying face down in the water all you need to do is bend your knees as the instructor throttles forward allowing propulsion for you to fly straight up. A self manned flight can take you up to an hour to learn on your own, but allows for a superior flight experience. After a bit of practice you will be able to swim like a dolphin and challenge gravity like Iron Man!

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